Welcome To the LLM Program At Cincinnati Law!

LLM Group 2018

The University of Cincinnati College of Law welcomes students and international attorneys from all countries to join our LLM Master of Laws in the US Legal System program.  We are a top 40 law school and the 4th oldest in the US.  We offer world class instruction, small classes, personalized attention, work experience and generous scholarships.

Students can participate in legal clinics that are making a difference in the world, such as the Ohio Innocence Project which works to free those in prison who are innocent, the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, publisher of the “Human Rights Quarterly” and our Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, providing legal advice to local start-ups.  To date, we have welcomed students from more than 20 countries.  This year’s class includes students from Uganda, Saudi Arabia, China, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Finland, Peru, Nigeria, Botswana, Romania and Brazil.  Learn about our prestigious program here.

Transfer to the JD program is also possible after completion of the LLM.

At Cincinnati Law we are committed to a vision in which “[w]e strive to create a learning environment that inspires the pursuit of justice, cultivates diverse and innovative ideas about law in society, fosters collaborative relationships, and imparts the knowledge, values, and competencies needed to excel in a changing world.” Now more than ever we are obliged to educate students to enter a world where people are interconnected — beyond borders, across oceans, and with little regard for language barriers.

Experience and exposure to people and places outside of our own neighborhood is critical.  This is why our LLM program is so valuable and important.  We are cultivating citizens of the world!  Welcome to Cincinnati Law.  #YouAreWelcomeHere!

Visiting a Naturalization Ceremony and Meeting Sons of the American Revolution in 1770s Attire
Visiting the Cincinnati Headquarters of Procter and Gamble (P&G)
Visit with UC Campus Police Officers Learning about US Policing
Mubarak Judge Luebbers

Visiting Common Pleas Court Judge Jody M. Luebbers and Sitting in the Judge’s Chair

Celebrating an American Thanksgiving 2016
Our University of Cincinnati Campus
Cincinnati Image

Our Queen City on the Ohio River, Cincinnati


The UC College of Law, Established in 1833

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