At Cincinnati Law, we are proud to be able to introduce our LLM students to our local law, police and business community.  You will meet US lawyers in all areas of practice, to network and get to know US law from the inside.  You will go on trips to courthouses, Fortune 500 companies and to some of our 800+ local law firms during your LLM program.  You will meet police officers, judges and business leaders.

You will learn how to market your experiences, how to write a US legal resume and cover letter and how to build your personal brand online.  Our Center for Professional Development will provide you with networking opportunities and interviewing practice and will assist you if you are interested in a legal or judicial externship experience or if you are preparing for a bar exam.  Learn more about our Center: CPD

Our CPD uses an online program called Symplicity to notify you of all UC Law activities related to networking and professional development through the year.  You will receive login information during orientation.

Our LLM students can also participate in our clinics, such as our Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, which produces the renowned “Human Rights Quarterly,” the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, our Ohio Innocence Project, which works to free those in prison who are innocent, or our Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Order Clinic.  See an overview of all of our clinics and centers here.

Legal or judicial externships offer the chance to gain work experience in our local legal community.

Practical experience not only boosts your resume, it provides you with opportunities to build important connections, to network across your interest areas and learn first-hand what different kinds of legal work in the US entails.


Chief Carter and LLMs

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