You will have several options for banking while in Cincinnati.  5/3 Bank (“Fifth Third”) and PNC Bank are popular choices for international students.  These banks have a lot of experience with internationals.

We recommend PNC because they have a full-service bank located on our UC campus (in the Tangeman University Center, Level 3), close to the law school.  They can also add money to your Bearcat ID Card for you, which you can then use to buy things on campus.  Learn more about using your Bearcat Card: Bearcat ID

Learn more about PNC Bank and their services: PNC at UC

Find help with how to open a US bank account here: Bank Account

On this attachment on page 3 you will find a letter from UC International that will assist you with opening a UC account: Bank Letter

Learn about the different kinds of US banking accounts and kinds of banking cards here: Accounts

Learn about PNC’s Virtual Wallet Student program in this video: Virtual Wallet Video

This program makes your banking very easy and you can do everything on your mobile phone! For more details: Virtual Wallet


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